#MoreOnionsPorfavor - Our website is now reachable via Tor

summitto website on Tor

We care deeply about user privacy and anonymity on the web. Privacy by design is one of the things in our DNA, and we’re happy to say that our website is now live on the Tor network as part of the Tor Projects #MoreOnionsPorfavor campaign!

The Tor Project develops privacy enhancing technologies to protect and advance human rights. We share the same values and you can see this also in our solution and approach to fight VAT fraud.

To access the site you’ll need to download the Tor Browser.Then, head to https://summitto.com in the Tor Browser and click the .onion available button in the URL bar.

Tor (The Onion Routing) is a piece of software that enables the creation of an anonymous, encrypted network layer on top of the regular internet. To quote the Tor Project:

Tor is free and open-source software for enabling anonymous communication. The goal of onion routing is to have a way to use the internet with as much privacy as possible, and the idea was to route traffic through multiple servers and encrypt it each step of the way.

Recently there was a new Tor feature released to announce your onion site using the Onion-Location http header. When a user visits a website that has both onion services and Onion-Location enabled, the Tor Browser will display an information pill telling them that there’s a more secure version of the website, and the user will be asked to opt-in to upgrade to the onion service on their first use. If the user already opted-in for their network security upgrade, they will get directly to the onion site.

Check out our site, and take a look at the Tor Project for more information.