Summitto’s real-time reporting pilot now supports EU intra-Community transactions!

Recently we published our very first publicly accessible real-time reporting pilot and now it’s time to present our first updated version of this tool. From today onwards, our pilot also supports EU intra-Community transactions! In the following we will explain why this is such a relevant addition to our pilot, diving deeper into the latest VAT developments in the EU. However, if you already know why this is the case and you just want to try it out, go directly to: https://portal.

VAT Talks - Paul Gisby

Summary In this episode of VAT Talks we speak with Paul Gisby. Paul is Senior Manager at Accountancy Europe, a Brussels based organisation uniting 50 professional bodies that represent nearly 1 million accountants. We first discussed the benefits of digitalisation. Paul argues that although such a transition might come with short term cost, in the long term “paper based systems are obsolete, inefficient and not robust for the circumstances that we have experienced in the last year”.

Analyse d’une fraude fiscale à 9 millions d’euros

Récemment, une collaboration entre le Service d’Information et d’Investigations Fiscales néerlandais (FIOD) et l’Unité de Coopération Judiciaire de l’Union européenne (Eurojust) a réussi à mettre fin à une fraude fiscale colossale ! En effet, entre 2017 et 2020, les fraudeurs ont réussi à soutirer à l’Etat néerlandais près de 9 millions d’euros![1] Dans cet article, nous allons vous guider pas-à-pas à travers les différentes étapes qui ont permis aux fraudeurs d’exploiter les failles du système.

Reconstructing a €9 million VAT fraud scheme

Recently, the Dutch Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD), together with the help of Eurojust, stopped an enormous VAT fraud scheme, kudos for the work done! The fraudsters defrauded the Dutch tax authority for €9 million between 2017 and 2020.[1] In this blog post we try to reconstruct the VAT fraud scheme. Important to note is that we’re basing our research on publicly available resources only. Therefore, it might be possible that we miss some links within the fraudulent value chain.

How to use summitto’s real-time reporting tool?

Last week, we made our pilot programme publicly available which allows anyone with a computer to report invoices to summitto’s real-time reporting systeem. We already briefly discussed how the pilot works in a previous blog post, but in this blog post we will provide some more detailed information on how to use the pilot! Why is summitto’s real-time reporting also relevant for you? More and more countries are implementing real-time reporting systems to close the VAT gap and streamline business processes.

The digitalisation of VAT: how real-time reporting can help

The digitalisation of VAT is currently high on the EU political agenda. For example, the current president of the Council of the European Union, Portugal, will prioritise initiatives related to “the digital transformation of businesses and digital platforms, to the areas of e-commerce, payments and taxation”.[1] In this blog post we will dive deeper into the digitalisation of VAT in specific and show the benefits of digitalisation for both businesses and governments.

Summitto’s real-time reporting pilot is now publicly available!

Report invoices yourself now! Over the last couple of years, we have spoken to governments, business associations and taxpayers in different parts of the world. We were even honoured to present our solution as keynote speakers to the European Commission at the ‘VAT in the Digital Age’ conference. Furthermore, we published articles, written explanatory blog posts and spoke to dozens of VAT experts. Some of them were even willing to share their knowledge in our blog series VAT Talks.

VAT Talks - Peter Potters

In this episode of VAT Talks we speak with Peter Potters, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-owner of the Dutch bookkeeping software provider Informer. As Informer is one of the most innovative bookkeeping software providers in the Netherlands, Peter is the perfect person to discuss the latest industry developments with. In the following we discuss why Peter decided to join Informer after 20 years of working with Unilever, why there are still not many companies in the Netherlands that make use of e-invoicing and why we should be very careful when it comes to sharing data with governments.

Why the protection of invoice information is important, even from your own government

There is an even bigger threat to your invoice information you are not yet aware of, even if no public security hacks have been reported. Both on our blog and on our Twitter account, we often stress the importance of data security. Failures of this security can lead to data breaches which can result in significant costs for companies. This is especially relevant when we are talking about invoice information, as this contains pricing information.

Discussion sur la TVA - Cyrille Sautereau (sommaire français)

Cyrille Sautereau possède une grande expérience dans le secteur de la facturation électronique. Par exemple, il a créé une des premières entreprises françaises qui offre les services de facturation électronique (Deskom, désormais Cegedim). Dans cet article, il donne une explication détaillée du paysage de la facturation électronique en France, montrant que encore seulement 10% à 15% de toutes les factures sont électronique sous forme structurée, ce qui fait illustre d’autant plus l’importance d’une obligation réglementaire de passer à la facturation électronique inter-entreprises.