VAT Talks - Paul Gisby

Summary In this episode of VAT Talks we speak with Paul Gisby. Paul is Senior Manager at Accountancy Europe, a Brussels based organisation uniting 50 professional bodies that represent nearly 1 million accountants. We first discussed the benefits of digitalisation. Paul argues that although such a transition might come with short term cost, in the long term “paper based systems are obsolete, inefficient and not robust for the circumstances that we have experienced in the last year”.

VAT Talks - Peter Potters

In this episode of VAT Talks we speak with Peter Potters, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-owner of the Dutch bookkeeping software provider Informer. As Informer is one of the most innovative bookkeeping software providers in the Netherlands, Peter is the perfect person to discuss the latest industry developments with. In the following we discuss why Peter decided to join Informer after 20 years of working with Unilever, why there are still not many companies in the Netherlands that make use of e-invoicing and why we should be very careful when it comes to sharing data with governments.

VAT Talks - Cyrille Sautereau

After we discussed the plans to implement mandatory e-invoicing in France with Laurent Poigt, in this episode of VAT Talks we speak with Cyrille Sautereau, chair of the Forum National de la Facturation Électronique et des Marchés Publics Électroniques (FNFE-MPE) and CEO of ADMAREL Conseil. Executive summary Cyrille Sautereau has vast experience in the e-invoicing sector, creating one of the first e-invoicing service providers in France (Deskom). In this article he first gives a detailed explanation of the e-invoicing landscape of France, showing that still only around 10% of all invoices are ‘fully structured e-invoices’ which shows the importance of the upcoming mandatory e-invoicing regime.

VAT Talks - Kelvin Hulsebos

At summitto, we start our day with a fresh shot of VAT news via VAT Update. We’re sure that a lot of VAT professionals developed the same ritual. That’s why we’re very pleased to be able to discuss VAT with one of the founders of VAT Update, Kelvin Hulsebos! In this episode of VAT Talks we spoke about VAT Update, the latest VAT news and real-time reporting in the European Union.

VAT Talks - Laurent Poigt

This episode of VAT Talks is all about France. Recently the French tax authority released a report ‘VAT in the Digital Age’ in which the method of implementation of mandatory e-invoicing combined with e-reporting is proposed. The decision of the French government shows once more that real-time reporting is quickly becoming the standard throughout the European Union and the world. We’re honoured that Laurent Poigt, Partner in the VAT team of PwC Société d’Avocats, took the time to analyse the report with us.

VAT Talks - Michel Schrauwen & Oscar Smeets

In today’s episode of VAT Talks we discuss digital reporting requirements (summitto’s confidential real-time reporting system falls under this umbrella term) with Michel Schrauwen, Managing Partner Indirect Taxes at Deloitte, and Oscar Smeets, Senior Manager Indirect Tax at Deloitte and lecturer at Tilburg University. Together they wrote an excellent article about the potential benefits of digital reporting requirements for the Netherlands, cautiously concluding that the Dutch government could save at least €1.

VAT Talks - Gerard Bottemanne

In this episode of VAT talks we speak with Gerard Bottemanne. Gerard has been conducting research into accounting software and related subjects for years. One of those subjects is e-invoicing, something that is very relevant in the realm of VAT as we briefly discussed in a previous blogpost. In this blogpost we discuss the latest development of e-invoicing in the Netherlands and the EU, the importance of harmonisation and the role of Peppol in this regard.

VAT Talks - Fabiola Annacondia

We are celebrating the 10th episode of VAT Talks with Fabiola Annacondia! Fabiola is the Editor of IBFD’s International VAT Monitor and of the EU VAT Compass book, as well as the Cluster Manager for the VAT courses offered by IBFD International Tax Training. Furthermore, she gives courses and publishes regularly on a wide variety of VAT-related topics. In recent years, she has presented at OECD workshops in China, South Korea and Mexico and she speaks regularly at VAT conferences around the world on different VAT related topics.

VAT Talks - Christiaan van der Valk

In the ninth episode of VAT Talks, we discuss VAT with Christiaan van der Valk. We are very happy that Christiaan showed us the other side of tax law, the company side. Christiaan Van Der Valk is vice president, strategy. Elected a World Economic Forum Global Leader for Tomorrow in 2000, Christiaan is an internationally recognized voice on e-business strategy, law, policy, best practice and commercial issues. Formerly co-founder and president of Trustweaver (acquired by Sovos), Christiaan also holds long-standing leadership roles at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the European E-invoicing Service Providers Association (EESPA).

VAT Talks - Ksenija Cipek

In this episode of VAT Talks we discuss how Croatia combats tax fraud and how technology can help to detect this fraud with Dame of Honour Ksenija Cipek. Ksenija is Head for Tax Risk Analysis at the Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration, Republic of Croatia, Member of the OECD Group Harmful Tax Practices, Lecturer at the faculty of Law at the University of Zagreb, Member of the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) and member of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce (US).