VAT Talks - Cyrill Diefenbacher

Introduction In this episode of VAT Talks we had the opportunity to discuss Swiss Taxation on NFTs with Cyrill Diefenbacher Could you tell us more about yourself and how you ended up in the field of taxation? I studied law at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and finished my studies there with a master’s degree. Subsequently, I joined KPMG where I worked for six years in the Corporate Tax Team and obtained the Swiss certified tax expert degree.

VAT Talks - John McCallig

We’re honoured that John McCallig, Assistant Professor in the Accountancy Subject Area at the University College Dublin Business School, wanted to talk about VAT, real-time reporting and encryption with us! John does not only have extensive knowledge of the accounting area, but also did extensive research into modern cryptography. For his work on applying cryptography to VAT he even was awarded with the NovaUCD invention of the year award.

VAT Talks - Marloes Lammers & Vanessa Huygen van Dyck-Jagersma

Introduction In this episode we had the pleasure to speak with Marloes Lammers and Vanessa Huygen van Dyck-Jagersma from HuygenLammers Advocaten. We’re very thankful that they want to share their knowledge which they gained by handling an enormous amount of VAT fraud cases. We discussed the “knew and should have known” principle, we spoke about the so-called “hit day”, and they explained why engaging in a professional relationship is comparable to marrying someone.

VAT Talks - Antonino Caccamo

Introduction In this episode of VAT Talks we have the honour to speak with Antonino Caccamo who is CTO and co-founder of A-Cube API, an Italian e-invoicing service provider. Previously A-Cube and summitto launched a pilot, showing that summitto’s TX++ could be integrated as corner 5 in a Peppol CTC model. Continue reading to learn more about the Italian e-invoicing system and the Peppol network, and why we should “embrace the revolution” according to Antonino!

VAT Talks - Nazar Paradivskyy

Introduction In this episode of VAT Talks we have the honour to speak with Nazar Paradivskyy who is VP Regulatory Affairs at Pagero and CTC Community leader at the OpenPeppol organisation. Therefore Nazar is the perfect person to discuss the latest developments regarding Peppol and CTC. In the article he explains the benefits of e-invoicing and why it is so important for governments to include businesses in discussions around CTC.

VAT Talks - Aiki Kuldkepp

Introduction Real-time reporting and digital reporting requirements are advancing all over Europe. We discuss these developments with international indirect tax specialist Aiki Kuldkepp. Aiki has an astonishing career in the world of taxation and currently holds the position of senior manager at Grant Thornton. Come join us in a discussion about the future of VAT in Europe and how technology can help. Aiki is convinced that the “modernisation of reporting systems will help to increase the trust between member states” but she’s also aware of the difficulty of harmonising national DDRs in the EU.

VAT Talks - Luciana Marques Vieira da Silva Oliveira

Introduction In this episode of VAT talk, we discuss the VAT system in Brazil with Luciana Marques Vieira da Silva Oliveira. Come discover with us how the Brazilian VAT ecosystem works and the benefits produced by the introduction of a real-time reporting system. Luciana advises European countries which still do not have introduced a real-time reporting system to “think of a collective, integrated solution that uses the most modern technology”.

VAT Talks - Jānis Taukačs

Introduction We’re starting the new year with a very exciting episode of VAT Talks as we had the honour to speak with Jānis Taukačs! Jānis is Partner at the Latvian Law Firm Sorainen, part of the EU VAT Club and has its own podcast Tax Stories. As Latvia is planning to introduce e-invoicing in 2025, it’s an excellent time to have a discussion with Jānis about Latvian VAT. Jānis gives valuable insights into the Latvian VAT landscape and provides his view about developments regarding real-time reporting on the EU level.

VAT Talks - Roland Ismer

Image: WiSo Nürnberg, FAU Introduction In this episode of VAT talks, we speak with Roland Ismer, tax law professor at the university of Erlangen-Nuremberg and one of the most prominent VAT specialists in Germany. With Roland, we analyse the latest developments connected to VAT and real-time reporting in Europe and Germany, where the new government coalition led by chancellor Olaf Scholz is planning to introduce a VAT reporting system. Come discover with us his view on data protection and the concept of balance between the interests of a functioning tax administration and those of the taxpayers.

VAT Talks - Rufino de la Rosa

Introduction We are extremely proud that in this episode of VAT Talks we spoke with one of the fathers of the first real-time reporting system in the European Union, Rufino de la Rosa. After setting up the Suministro de Información Inmediata (SII), Rufino is now Partner Global Compliance and Reporting at EY. During the interview we discussed the main functionalities of the SII, why the Spanish tax authority decided to implement such a system and how the implementation process looked like.